We help our clients to build a web-based ERP system. The system is wide use ranging from accounting department to sales department, from IT department to finance department and public user. It enhances the efficiency of daily operations and provides analytic information for strategic business decisions.

3rd Party Extensibility

Base on the architecture design in the modern system, our team built up the security authorization for the 3rd party applications, and through the restful API to retrieve the information. It increased the extensibility of the system and reduced the maintenance time.

Fluent operation through different departments

This system has integrated the work including the sale items, item stocks, students management, items management, events management and courses management. The data has synchronized with different departments, it reduced the travel time of communication and prevented human mistakes.

Analytical Information

Our team has designed several methods to precisely analyse the raw data, including analytic charts, reports created by Report Builder, event and course calendar in Excel/PDF format. These multiple methods are customized to different departments based on their user's experiences. It speeded up the working performance for their staff and provided information for their business decision making.